Correct surface preparation is paramount in any painting work.  Discovery Painting offers you a choice of 36 different Scrapers Knives & Blades. So whatever the job we should have the Painting Supplies & Tools to help you complete this.

For stripping wallpaper, vinyl and ceramic tiles we would recommend the Harris Taskmasters Jumbo Super Stripper. Its heavy-duty construction made for tougher jobs. The handle measures 390mm in length with a rubber grip and its super-sharp ground edge is 150mm long. This scraper is used for cleaning floors and glass. A smaller version is available with spare blades.

Our Premium collection of Filling knives all have Flexible Steel Blades for best results when filling cracks and holes and ergonomic handles for comfort. Sizes range from 50mm to 100mm. Premium Stripping Knives have a hardened steel blade for removal of paint or wallpaper easily.


We also stock Chisel Knives, combination shave hooks and paint removal tools.


Take a look at our selection of  Scrapers knives & Blades available online in Australia