Microfibre Smoothglide Paint Roller 230mm x 6mm

Microfibre Smoothglide Paint Roller 230mm x 6mm

SKU: 90700

Microfibre Smoothglide Paint Roller Cover 230mm x 6mm is made in the UK. The Smoothglide paint roller cover is thermobonded to the core making the paint roller solvent resistant. The high-density fabric results in a large paint pick up and distribute an even coverage for smooth results with reduced paint splatter. Suitable for Flat Paints, Low Sheens and Satin Paints. Available in other sizes


    • Microfibre SmoothGlide Paint Roller Cover
    • 230mm x 6mm
    • Suitable for Water and Oil-Based Paints
    • For Smooth to Semi Smooth Surfaces
    • Ideal with Flat Paints, Low Sheens & Satin Paints
    • Provides an Ultra Smooth Finish
    • Applies A Fast Even Coverage With Minimal Splatter
    • Available in Other Sizes


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