Discovery Painting likes to make choosing Painting Kits easy. We have sourced a variety of painting kits to suit most jobs at very reasonable prices.

The Harris Contractor Masonry Roller Set contains a 270mm Long Nap Roller and Frame, 1 x 100mm Wall paintbrush and a 270mm Paint Tray. This set is ideal for use on brickwork and render.


For painting a room try the Harris Taskmasters Paint Brush and Roller Kit. This comprehensive set includes two paintbrushes, two 12mm paint roller sleeve covers, one roller frame cage and paint tray.

Our best selling Harris Mini Roller set is ideal for the smaller jobs around the house. The kit contains one foam roller sleeve and one fabric roller cover, A handy 100mm roller frame and tray.

Our kits are easy to use and have everything you need in one handy tray.