Paint Pads are an alternative and more natural way to paint than using a roller. Simulated mohair paint pads apply water-based paints evenly and smoothly with no splatter.

For awkward areas, the handles can be re positioned for additional coverage. The handle also accepts a push-on extension pole for extra reach when painting ceilings and other hard to reach areas.

The Harris 5 Part Paint Pad Set is popular with many customers. The set is supplied with a medium and large paint pad, handle, window sash pad and tray.

Replacement pads are easy to change. Just slide the pad handle into the grooves and lock with the built-in clip. Reposition the handle for additional coverage in awkward areas.

This system of painting has many uses from Timber Decking to walls or small spaces without the hassle of using a paint roller or brush. Prices start from $5.00 for a medium pad and up to $18.50 for the 5 Part Paint Pad Set. Great value for an alternative way to paint. For all your Quality Painting Supplies and Tools.