Discovery Painting gives you the Best Quality Paint Brushes in Australia. Visit our Online Store or our eBay Shop and check out the many different Paint Brushes available.

Our top-selling Paint Brush is the T Class Super CR. British made with a Hand Chiselled edge for easier cutting in and 100% Dupont Chinex Filaments. These are what Purdy brushes are made off. The FSC certified smooth Beechwood handle makes them suitable for vapour boxes.

Try the Harris Transform Woodcare Brushes designed to tackle specific wood care tasks. The blend of natural and synthetic filaments provide excellent bend recovery and a fine finish when used with wood stains, oils and varnishes.


How about the Harris Easyclean Brushes. Easyclean uses Harris Liquiflo technology which allows water to flow more freely right to the base of the brush and ensures that the bristles remain usable for longer. Available in a variety of sizes from 12mm to 100mm.

Harris Taskmasters paintbrushes have a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles tapered at the tip to ensure a finer finish. Suitable for use with all paints and varnishes. We have a variety of brushes available from the acrylic paintbrushes, the artist's brushes, woodcare brushes and the Easyclean range of paint brushes all at great prices.