Drop Cloths & Dust sheets are vital in protecting your carpets, tiles, and furniture when painting and decorating because occasionally spills happen.

We stock a large variety of Surface & Paint Protection Products as well as Painting Supplies and Tools. Try the Harris Contractor Heavy Duty Dust Sheet which is Trade Quality and made from Super Thick Cotton Twill. The sheet measures 3.6m x 2.75m and will cover a small room.


Another ideal Dust sheet to have is the Harris Contractor staircase Dust Sheet (7.3m x 0.9m). Made for use on staircases, landings and hallways. It makes life easy to cover long corridors in one go while giving excellent protection. Made from 100% Cotton Twill.


Harris Taskmasters Double Protection Dust sheet has a seep resistant polythene backing for increased protection from spills and measures 3.6m x 2.75m.


Another way to protect surfaces is with Plastic Drop Sheets. These may make surfaces slippery to walk on but are ideal for covering furniture from dust. After use, roll up and store or throw away.